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Manabrush – the bamboo toothbrush with 13love for nature.

  • Make a difference while brushing your teeth and Smile Like Nature™
  • 100% Biodegradable sustainably-grown bamboo handle
  • Soft high-quality hygienic nylon bristles (recyclable)
  • Your bamboo toothbrushes can be used for just as long as plastic toothbrushes
  • Certified Organic Bamboo. Vegan. BPA-Free. Natural and Non-toxic.
  • World wide shipping. Safe checkout.


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To love is to have harmony with nature.

Ninesun Amaru BeyThirteen Love Community™ Private

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Weight 17 g


  1. Elvira

    I decided to stop using plastic as much as I can and found Manabrush. This toothbrush is made of bamboo and is has a comfortable grip. The bamboo feels good in my hand and it looks good too!

  2. C Bey (verified owner)

    Soft, yet firm bristles. Great quality product! Easily the best toothbrush I’ve owned & better than previous brushes made of bamboo handles.

  3. Adira Bey (verified owner)

    Easily can say I was moor than excited when I received my Manabrush =) Beautiful product, and an Amma-Zing price too. Well done Manabrush, I will be purchasing again!

  4. Aya Misae Bey (verified owner)

    My consort and I are so happy with our Manabrush-es 💜 We definitely won’t be going back to our old brushes.

  5. Alan Garcia El (verified owner)

    4 what is 4 4 is completion this tooth brush keep my teeth shinin stay buzzin cuzzin !!! 13love

  6. Rason Mason

    I 13Love the Manabrush cuzzo 13Love

  7. Sheilah Raven 13 Bey (verified owner)

    I Love this brush…so gentle on my teeth and gums…I feel so much better not contributing to the plastic pollution…..A+++++ Product….

  8. Amoré Bey (verified owner)

    Best toothbrush ever

  9. SunSun Da Child (verified owner)

    Thee ONLY!¡ tooth brush for yo bwoi now. Once you go bamboo, plastic you cant do. Haha yo TM that 13Love cuzzo

  10. Moor N.R.G. Etu Bey (verified owner)

    Feels so different to use real wood on your teeth compared to plastic!

  11. Matilda Karin Stuart

    5 star Feedback. Solid toothbrush, beautiful packaged, fast delivery.
    Also – Great to support th Enviroment while brushing ya teeth. 😉
    Happy costumer, placing my second order now!

  12. Yahmon (verified owner)

    I get a deep and thorough clean in my gums and teeth everytime I use the Manabrush. I can’t imagine using a plastic brush ever again.

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